Sydney Femme Guild is an incorporated association, operated by an elected committee of office bearers volunteering for the benefit of members and the broader femme community. The Guild is bound to operate according to legislative requirements, as detailed in the NSW Department of Fair Trading model constitution found here. The aims of the Guild are:

(a) Combat femme-phobia and femme invisibility and to celebrate femme identity with pride.

(b) Advocate for self-identified femmes of all walks of life and gender identities.

(c) Build connections and raise consciousness of Femmes within and around the community.

(d) Give the collective of femmes a voice to promote equality and visibility of femmes in the queer and wider communities.

(e) Provide access to education and mentors, hospitality for our friends and community.

(f) Conduct events in furtherance of the above purposes, either by itself or in conjunction with other invited organisations.

(g) Engage in all activities that give effect to the above aims.