8 + 9 February 2013

University of Technology

730 Harris St. Sydney


Keynote Speakers

Amber Hollibaugh (USA)

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha (CAN)

Kath Duncan (AUS)


A conference to explore ‘Femme’ beyond image and identity.  When Femme Guild held our first conference in 2010, “Femme In the Frame”, there was a strong focus on visibility and celebration of Femme.  Now, we aim to explore the realities and the possibilities of Femme; go further into the complexity of Femme experiences and meanings.  We want to foster a program where a wide range of femme voices are heard and work for diversity within Femme Guild, and the surrounding femme and lgbtiq communities many of us live in and relate to.

Come and be amongst Femme activists, community members, academics, creatives, collaborators and allies.  Friday evening will include keynote speakers and panel discussions. Saturday will be a packed day of concurrent sessions for workshops, panels, skill-shares, discussion groups and more.

Unpacking Femme Program





Inaugural Sydney Femme Conference

9 + 10 October 2010

Red Rattler Theatre

6 Faversham St. Marrickville


Keynote Speaker

Madison Young (USA)

2010 Conference Reader