We Won!!

We Won!!

Thanks to all the volunteers, organisers, MCs, readers, performers, femmes and friends!

Femme Smut was a great opportunity for femme celebration, solidarity and visibility at the 2015 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. We hope you had a great night and look forward to the next!


Do you want to get more involved with your community? Volunteer at the Guild’s Fair Day stall 2015. Email your interest to femmeguildsydney@gmail.com

Femme books, art and other fab femme merchandise were all popular at Fair Day 2014. Make sure you don’t miss our stall for Fair Day 2015.

Sydney Femme Guild is a queer feminist organisation working to create an awareness, understanding, and ultimately a celebration of femme identity within the GLBTQI community.


Combat femme-phobia and femme invisibility and to celebrate femme identity with pride.
Advocate for self-identified femmes of all walks of life and gender identities.
Build connections and raise consciousness of Femmes within and around the community.
Give the collective of femmes a voice to promote equality and visibility of femmes in the queer and wider communities.
Provide access to education and mentors, hospitality for our friends and community.
Conduct events in furtherance of the above purposes, either by itself or in conjunction with other invited organisations.
Engage in all activities that give effect to the above aims.

link to Constitution

We would love to receive your membership form. If you are a new member joining for the first time, come along to the crafternoon, Fair Day stall or Femme Smut and we will help you sign up!

Members receive kindred priced tickets, opportunities to be involved in the administration and running of the Guild, plus that warm fuzzy feeling you get from working with femmes in your community.

Sydney Femme Guild Inc. Committee Members for 2014-15 pics below

Yasmin – President

Meggan – Vice President

Kylie – Treasurer

Amanda – Secretary

Janine – Public Officer

Greetings for the end of 2014!

On behalf of the new Sydney Femme Guild Inc. committee (Yasmin, Meggan, Kylie, Amanda and Janine) we wish all femmes and allies a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

Read on to hear about past and new social activities held by the Guild, the AGM, read the Guild’s Annual Report and see the exciting plans for 2015. We hope to see you at the upcoming events: Crafternoon with a general meeting, our Mardi Gras Fair Day stall and the erotic femme reading night of delight Femme Smut as part of the upcoming Mardi Gras Festival.

Big femme love
Visibility. Solidarity. Celebration.

PAST EVENT: Christmas Drinks with the Inner West Ladies Auxiliary

Members and guests of the Guild joined forces with the distinguished Inner West Ladies Auxiliary for end of year drinks and a little ‘meet and greet’ on 7 December 2014. We thank Kylie and Tina for making this happen! Sydney Femme Guild looks forward to future events together. Much fun was had and femme friendships blossomed. We welcome all femmes to these gatherings and will hold more as we move into 2015.

Check out Anne-Marie Callihana’s photos published online at the Star Observer. We have requested the title link be changed to acknowledge the Inner West Ladies Auxiliary, apologies to Tina and the other IWLArs.


Femmes, friends, members and non members of Sydney Femme Guild are invited to an afternoon of crafting, preparing for our Fair Day stall and participating in a Sydney Femme Guild committee meeting.

Last year our femme merchandising was very popular at the Sydney Femme Guild Fair Day stall and provided a great fundraising avenue for the Guild. Come along and join us for a fun afternoon of lace, stitching and ribbons! Share your crafty talents!

The general meeting will be held from 1-2pm.

Crafternoon will begin at 2pm.

Check Facebook often for the venue and to have a chat about the day.


Got any particular skills, ideas or talents to share? Would you like to do share your skills like website design and maintenance, social media, writing, planning, organising or anything really? Do you want to meet great femmes? We are always looking for femmes to take up different creative or organising tasks and roles. If keen, send an email femmeguildsydney@gmail.com to chat about getting more involved.

PAST EVENT: Sydney Femme Guild Inc. AGM

The Guild held its 2014 Annual General Meeting on 12 November 2014 at ACON.

The newly elected committee members for 2014-2015 are all very excited to work at continuing the Guild’s mission for 2015.

Check out the photos of each of us in the left column:

President: Yasmin
Vice President: Meggan
Treasurer: Kylie
Secretary: Amanda
Public Officer: Janine

Read the Guild’s Annual Reporthere.

In the Annual Report we update members and allies on the activities of the committee since mid 2013 including the development of a governance framework, femme events held, membership statistics, future event ideas and the financial reports for 2013 and 2014.

If you missed the AGM and are interested to help the committee work together on events and many of the other organising things we have to worry about as an incorporated association, send us an email to femmeguildsydney@gmail.com.

Do you have ideas for Femme Merch we can sell at our Fair Day Stall?!

Check out these photos from the 2014 Fair Day stall.

Bring your ideas and loose crafty bits and pieces to the Crafternoon for Sydney Femme Guild’s 2015 Fair Day stall! We will also have lots of materials you can use.

MARDI GRAS FESTIVAL EVENT: Femme Smut 24 February 2015

Sydney Femme Guild is hosting a night of erotic readings and spoken word in celebration of femme identity and desire, for the Mardi Gras festival 2015.

Femme Smut will cultivate the erotic voices of authors, bloggers, novices and amateurs, and offer an assortment of poets and storytellers: all sharing the exploration and expression of femme.

All femmes will be encouraged to read, sing, or slam their own or someone else’s smutty lit’. Roving smut collectors will be at the ready; so bring along your loved smut enjoyed by all.

If you think you lack the confidence to share your favourite verses, don’t worry; Sydney Femme Guild is hosting Femme Smut with supportive and inclusive vibes to encourage everyone to celebrate femme identity together.

The night is sure to explore the many-faceted aspects of femme desire, from dark and delicious, to bright and jubilant. To continue your pleasure journey, a femme book sale will be available on the night.

To submit your smut or register your interest in contributing on the night, send an email to femmeguildsydney@gmail.com.

Purchase tickets online:

See the facebook event here.

FEMME NEWS: Developing the new logo for the Guild 

The Guild is still not settled on its logo but the committee have agreed to continue with the blue Art Deco text logo we kinda like for the time being.

Let us know if you have any design talents to share in developing another.

Wishing femme festive joy to our community and kindreds

We thank the supporters of Sydney Femme Guild everywhere.

The Guild has throughout 2014 helped to promote the events of femme and kindred organisations in the Sydney community, as well as international Femme events, wherever possible.

We will continue to sprinkle femme goodness when and wherever we can to support and encourage femme expression in our community! The committee will always be keen to discuss the ideas of other community groups for opportunities in joining forces and spreading the love.

We wish all our community groups and kindred organisations like the Butch Femme Social Network, Dykes on Bikes, Sydney Leather Pride Association and the Inner West Ladies Auxiliary a wonderful festival season and joy!

We are looking forward to much celebration in 2015.


Stay tuned for further information about our Fair Day stall held on 22 February 2015.

It is a great day to volunteer for an hour or so and chat with femmes, femmes and more femmes! Its our major ‘meet n greet’ and membership building opportunity in the community.

Again we will have femme merchandise for sale such as ironic femme arts and crafts, femme related books, femmetastic jewellery and many pretties made at the CRAFTERNOON!

We will call out for volunteers closer to the date so check facebook etc.

To save a spot now, email femmeguildsydney@gmail.com to register your interest in volunteering!


Don’t forget to check out the Sydney Femme Guild stall at this year’s Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival Fair Day on 22 February 2015 at Victoria Park, City Road, Sydney.

Membership prices are reduced from $15 pa – $10 on Fair Day.

See Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras’ announcement here.


Sydney Femme Guild is hosting a stall in this years’ Sydney Mardi Gras Fair Day 2015.  The Fair Day stall is an opportunity for Femme Guild to connect with Femmes in the community and improve femme visibility within the wider GLBTIQ community.Fair Day represents Femme Guilds’ annual membership run, where you can renew or become a new member for a special discounted rate.This year, Femme Guild have merch for sale, including femme jewellery, funky new badges, fridge magnets and fancy femme embroidery, all at affordable prices.  If you are interested in hanging out at the stall, please talk to the team about volunteering, or pop in and be inspired by community and committee member’s femming the stall all day long.
24 June 1978!Yes a date that is dear to all our hearts.  A date that saw the Gay Solidarity Group organise the first ever Mardi Gras in protest for the Stonewall riots and called for an end to discrimination and police harassment and anti-homosexual laws.  A humble gathering that witnessed arrests and violence.GLBTQI Community have come a long way from a day of protest and fighting for equal rights.  Now today Mardi Gras is a day that the streets are alive and Sydney’s tourism is flowing freely and politicians praise the revenue we bring in.  Rainbow colours adourn the streets and our Community ‘Christmas’ is alive and flourishing with pride, rainbow babies, love is adorned and our folk are united.While Mardi Gras is from a predominantly male history, the women of Mardi Gras have also a lot to be proud of, now a female Mardi-Gras co-chair, strong leather pride presence with SLPA, Dykes on Bikes who acted as Community security patrols along Oxford Street in the 1990’s , LOTL Magazine, Wicked Women Magazine; services that show, clearly women have also stood unified and proud.  So let’s all send our warmest Femme love to the many women who have painted a portion of our public rainbow and continue in their footsteps.

Sydney Femme Guild have also claimed our space, a unique and special space for those who identify as Femme and the many allies who support us by maintaining a strong and supportive governance process, a Committee that is dedicated to work with fellow Femme’s and allies toward a Femme proud future and by hosting an amazing array of events, including picnics, meet and greets, afternoon teas, a Femme-tastically successful conference – Unpacking Femme and this year we are proudly hosting Femme Smut in the Mardi Gras program plus our continuing presence at Fairday.

Let’s embrace and enhance the Femme presence in the GLBTQI community and show that we are no longer invisible.  Come play with Femme Guild and join in the journey to taking Femme Women to a stronger, visible, inclusive and proud part of the rainbow community.
Come along and play with us and enjoy the journey.

2015 Sydney Femme Guild Membership renewals are available at Sydney Mardi Gras Fair Day, 22 February at Victoria Park, Broadway from 10am.  Special discounted rates are available at Fair Day, come down and renew, to support Femme visibility, solidarity and celebration within Sydney and abroad.  There will be a membership desk at our wonderful event – Femme Smut on Tuesday night, part of the Mardi Gras festival guide.  Please come down and renew during the night.  If you are unable to attend February events and would like to pursue membership, please contactfemmeguildsydney@gmail.comfor membership forms.

Benefits to joining Sydney Femme Guild Inc.Facilitating a space where all different types of femme visibility is welcome and celebrated, both online and within the Sydney community.That warm & fuzzy feeling knowing you are supporting femmes, creating femme spaces and history.Kindred membership with Sydney Leather Pride Association, Sydney Dykes on Bikes and discounted entry to events.

Newsletter with femme updates, personal invitation to events such as Femme Cocktails, Femme Picnics, kindred parties, Queer Film, Mardi Gras Fair Day etc.

Capacity to be involved in the organisation/ management of the incorporated association.

Where your $$ goes

Funding for events, allowing Sydney Femme Guild to host events such as Femme Smut, Crafternoons, Femme Cocktails, Femme Picnics, General Meetings and Annual General Meetings, with the aim of providing low or no entry fees to enhance accessibility.

Flyers, forms and paperwork costs thereby allowing the committee to run Sydney Femme Guild and lobby/collaborate with other community groups.

Fees including Public Liability Insurance, internet subscription fees and Mardi Gras Fair Day stall fees.

Click on the buttons below to:Check out our website at www.femmeguild.comEmail: femmeguildsydney@gmail.comFacebook: Femme Guild group page – send an invite to join

Facebook/SydneyFemmeGuild – like the page to receive femme related stuff in your newsfeed!


24 February 2015, from 7pm at Gasoline Pony, 115 Marrickville Road, Marrickville
Tickets are available at http://www.trybooking.com/GNGI

Femmes, and femme lovers, admirers and allies! 
Sydney Femme Guild is hosting a night of erotic readings and spoken word in celebration of femme identity and desire, for the Mardi Gras festival 2015.

Femme Smut will cultivate the erotic voices of authors, bloggers, novices and amateurs, and offer an assortment of poets and storytellers: all sharing the exploration and expression of femme. All femmes will be encouraged to read, sing, or slam their own or someone else’s smutty lit’. Roving smut collectors will be at the ready.

The night is sure to explore the many-faceted aspects of femme desire.  An international selection of femme books is available for sale on the night, along with a raffle drawn on the night for a sumptuous femme gift pack. To submit your smut or register your interest in contributing on the night, complete the Participant’s Form and send an email to femmeguildsydney@gmail.com, or just turn up on the night!

We ask you to join us in making this space welcoming and relaxing to people regardless of their ethnicity, sexuality, identity, abilities, gender or intersex status.
If you would like discuss contributing to this dirty femme night, this please feel free to do so by emailing femmeguildsydney@gmail.com


“Concrete playground share the top ten Mardi Gras event for the 2015 festive season… with Femme Smut  “Sydney Femme Guild is allowing you to give into your innermost desire this Mardi Gras Festival, with a night of erotic readings. Enjoy the hotness (and hilariousness) of sexy wordsmithery, whether its your own, your friend’s, a classic author’s or that favourite online slash fic scribe’s. Guest femmes are invited to read, sing or slam their own or someone else’s smutty words, so even women lacking confidence have an avenue to show off their work.”


DIRTY QUEER Guide // Mardi Gras 2015

TOP PICK: Femme Smut (7pm // $10-15 +bf // Gasoline Pony) Sydney Femme Guild (Issue 1) is hosting a night of erotic readings and spoken word in celebration of femme identity and desire.

Upcoming Events:
10am – 4pm, 22 February 2015
Sydney Mardi Gras Fair Day
Victoria Park, Camperdown
Come and visit the Sydney Femme Guild stall with lots of Femme-licious goodies on sale; jewellery, embroidery, bookmarks and sooo much more – plus membership discounts apply on Fairday only to all who renew or sign up for Femme Guild membership7pm, 24 February 2015
Femme Smut
Gasoline Pony, 115 Marrickville Road, Marrickville
Come and play with us and read your smutty erotica to a rather welcome audience.6pm, 25 March 2015
Sydney Femme Guild – General Meeting
Venue to be confirmed (check facebook.com/SydneyFemmeGuild)3pm, 28 March 2015
Afternoon Tea
Venue to be confirmed (check facebook.com/SydneyFemmeGuild) Great way to meet your fellow Femmes over a relaxing Sunday afternoon tea with light, love and laughter.