Become a Sydney Femme Guild member or associate supporter today. The benefits of being a member include:

Warm & fuzzy feelings knowing you are supporting femmes, creating femme spaces and history, both online and within the Sydney area. You will receive the Femme Guild newsletter with updates in the community, international femme news and events run by Femme Guild and other organisations collaborating with Femme Guild. You will receive discounted tickets to Femme Guild events and kindred event discounts to Sydney Leather Pride Association, Sydney Dykes on Bikes and others. New membership draws will be offered at larger Femme Guild events when you renew. You will receive a personal invitation to Femme Guild hosted events such as, Femme Cocktails, Femme Picnics, Femme Smut and others. You will be invited to the Annual General Meeting and the General Meetings Femme Guild hold throughout the year. You will have the opportunity to be a committee member or subcommittee member if you would like to help shape Sydney Femme Guilds future.

Full $15.00

Concession $10.00

Download the SYDNEY FEMME GUILD INC MEMBERSHIP 2015 form and email it to The form contains the bank details to transfer the small fee. See SYDNEY FEMME GUILD INC MEMBER BENEFITS 2015 for more info on where your money goes.